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Migration Policy Scotland

Sarah Kyambi, Director & Founder

Tell us about your organisation and who it supports?

Migration Policy Scotland is a new independent think tank promoting a constructive approach to migration. We work to improve immigration systems and enhance migration experiences through research, policy influence and inclusive engagement. We aim to offer principled and effective solutions to the challenges that migration may pose, while actively championing the benefits it brings. 

Tell us about your role and what you like best about it?

I set up Migration Policy Scotland (MPS) to meet the need for more policy capacity on migration in Scotland. This was a gap I had been aware of for some time and was one that felt increasingly urgent to fill.  

I am excited to formally launch MPS this October as I believe we can do a lot of good in this space. Think tanks can be well placed to connect disparate actors with each other and use evidence to help make progress on the challenges we face.  

I have worked on migration for over 15 years in a wide range of roles – so far, the best thing for me personally has been that as director of MPS I get to draw on the full range of that experience. 

What has changed for your organisation during lockdown / dealing with coronavirus? 

Migration Policy Scotland was established during the lockdown. In many ways that made it more difficult, a lot of things took longer than they usually would. But it feels great to have come out of that with a fully established, registered, charity and a fantastic board of trustees.  

The pandemic also affects the work we want to do. Policy work is more challenging when the landscape is changing so much and at such pace. To ask the right questions, have accurate data, or engage with the sector can be more tricky when so much is in flux. At the same time, I have no doubt that people’s struggles and the need for solutions are only more acute. My hope is that MPS can add value to the Scottish third sector by making solutions easier to find and co-ordinate. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell SCVO staff about your organisation

We want to work with other organisations across Scotland to help make migration a success. Have a read of our programme for 2021-23 or just get in touch to talk about the things we could work on together. Maybe you would like to join us in developing a Platform on Migration for Scotland, maybe you are a migrant yourself and want to be part of our Lived Experience Group, or maybe you’re a policymaker or employer who would like to improve the existing evidence base in order to inform your decision making? No one organisation has all the answers and we believe that collaboration, partnership and inclusive engagement will be key to our success going forward. 

Last modified on 28 September 2022
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