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Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations is the membership organisation for Scotland's charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises. Charity registered in Scotland SC003558. Registered office Mansfield Traquair Centre, 15 Mansfield Place, Edinburgh EH3 6BB.

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Welcome to all the organisations that have joined SCVO recently. You can find out more about them below:

A.Y.E. Girvan

Joined SCVO as a Member on 28 May

A.Y.E. Girvan is a SCIO founded with the objective of reducing the impact of poverty on people living in Girvan and the surrounding villages.

Above the Rim Basketball

Joined SCVO as a Member on 28 May

Above the Rim is a Community Basketball Club, established in North Lanarkshire in 2012. Affiliated with both Basketball Scotland and North Lanarkshire Council. All funds received support the aims and club values and it is run by volunteers. Our ethos is to make basketball as accessible as possible to all, therefore as a club we cover registration and kit costs for all league players. By comparison other clubs will expect players to pay their own registrations which is £20-£30 depending on age and in addition will charge you £80+ for your home and away kits.The key aim of our club is to provide a grassroots basketball pathway for players wishing to play competitively, eventually leading to the National League or just for fun and exercise. We aim to be an all inclusive club offering training and opportunities for all age groups and abilities. We aim to provide some free sessions for those children in lower SIMD brackets in a bid to get them interested in sport and to avoid unhealthy activities.

Childcare in Fairlie

Joined SCVO as a Member on 28 May

We are setting up a community out of school care for Fairlie

Nether Lochaber Village Hall

Joined SCVO as a Member on 28 May

The name of our organisation is “Nether Lochaber Village Hall”. We have applied to OSCR to become a single tier SCIOThe organisation’s purposes are:a)To take ownership of the current, (derelict) Nether Lochaber Village Hall from the Nether Lochaber Community Council. b) To seek funding and engage with all the communities of Nether Lochaber on the building of a replacement modern hall building. c) To preserve and maintain the future Nether Lochaber Village Hall for the benefit of the inhabitants of Nether Lochaber.d) To provide a much needed community focal point for people of all ages, inclusive of all residents of Nether Lochaber, while retaining a welcome to people from outwith the community.e) To maintain and improve the new Nether Lochaber Village Hall for the benefit of the inhabitants of the district of Nether Lochaber, through small charges for the use of the hall and its facilities.f) To provide a suitable venue for physical and mental training and social, moral and intellectual development through the medium of reading and recreation rooms, library, lectures, classes or otherwise.g)To provide a community space without distinction of sex, race, or of political, religious or other opinions.

One Community Scotland

Joined SCVO as a Member on 28 May

One Community Scotland is an award-winning charity that has supported families for over four years and has identified young people from black minority ethnic backgrounds (BME) facing unique challenges as they transition through school and to a new country and culture. Thus, public enquiries and research in Scotland indicate young NewScots and their families experience various challenges in their daily lives. We believe in combating these phases of prejudice, language barriers, a lack of knowledge of the Scottish labour system, or a lack of recognition of skills and experience brought from their home nation. Therefore, we offer help and support to BME young people and their families settling into Scotland. By introducing these young people, a range of training such as CV workshops, personal statements, financial literacy, interviewing skills, learning Scottish laws, Mental Well-being and First Aid Training.

Terrifically Adventurous Youth Theatre Association

Joined SCVO as a Member on 28 May

We are a youth theatre with a focus on personal development. We run during term time at the Old Fire Station in Dunfermline. We combine skills building workshops with the development of our own plays. We use improvisation to explore ideas and characters and, through fun and play, explore themes related to identity and belonging. We present our work to friends and family.

The Gathering Network

Joined SCVO as a Member on 28 May

We are a Christian organisation that exists to multiply many small expressions of church across the city of Glasgow, and beyond, helping Christians to live out the love of Jesus Christ in word and deed, by helping their neighbours with acts of care, compassion, and by building strong community links for people in our local neighbourhoods and people who are struggling with loneliness and isolation. We exist to share the love of God with all people, and provide them with a space to discover more about spirituality, prayer, God and the Bible on their own terms, no matter their own beliefs, background or disposition.

Airdriehead Community Allotment

Joined SCVO as a Member on 27 May

The Airdriehead Community Allotment is a community organisation dedicated to promoting gardening, sustainability, and community engagement. They provide individuals with the opportunity to lease and cultivate their own plots of land for gardening purposes. The organisation fosters a sense of community by bringing people together through shared gardening experiences, workshops, and events. By encouraging local food production, environmental stewardship, and social interactions, Airdriehead Community Allotment contributes to the well-being and resilience of the community.

Cairnryan Community Council

Joined SCVO as a Member on 27 May

Cairnryan Community Council is based in the small village of Cairnryan in south west Scotland. The village comprises approximately 100 households with an approximate population of 140. We receive some funding from local wind farms which are used for the benefit of the local community. The CCC is made up of volunteers from the village who are passionate about the village and the local community, and strives to act for the benefit of the local community.

Couthy Creatures

Joined SCVO as a Member on 27 May

Everyone at some stage of life will experience mental health issues, from depression to lack of confidence or anxieties which can escalate and spiral. Couthy Creatures would be a safe haven filled with a supportive caring team. No one is judged, everyone is encouraged with gentleness and support. The charity is all about combining animals, people and nature. We will treat every person and their needs individually and aim to inspire and encourage their best qualities whilst supporting difficulties and teaching boundaries to enhance their life skills. Animals provide a great way to break down barriers and provide structure to daily activities, they are rewarding and unconditional with their love – an environment in which people will thrive.A structured classroom environment is not always the easiest for young people and for some the challenge of conforming is simply too much for them to cope with. We recognise the struggles faced and provide an alternative option to help support whilst still learning. The teacher led mobile classroom will work in partnership with schools to deliver the curriculum in a different way with the support of therapy animals. Third sector resources are often called upon as a last resort before school exclusion or day release day care option. In Scotland Pathways Plus allow a small amount of schools to cater for children with complex needs. I have been through this process. It is not easy and does not have the child’s best interests at heart. It is very much funding driven and smaller schools with lesser budgets do not have the resources to support these children. Whatever the circumstance. Often animals provide a wonderful confidant to misunderstood, frustrated and angry young people – animals don’t judge or offer opinions! We will provide the help to build on life and social skills, rebuild self-worth and confidence.Being with animals has an amazing and positive effect on so many!

Dundee High School Former Pupils' Cricket Club

Joined SCVO as a Member on 27 May

The charitable purpose and objectives of the Club shall be the advancement of public participation in sport primarily: a) The recruitment and development of children and young people into the sport of cricket as players, coaches, umpires and administrators. b) The provision of playing, coaching, umpiring and administrative opportunities at a participation, development and performance level. c) To provide equality of opportunity across all areas of the club, to encourage inclusion by minority groups. d) To provide a safe, effective and child friendly environment in which to play and learn cricket.

Portgower Public Hall Association

Joined SCVO as a Member on 27 May

Local public hall

Rainforest Saver

Joined SCVO as a Member on 27 May

Rainforest Saver is a charity dedicated to reducing the destruction of tropical rainforests caused by slash-and-burn farming, by promoting Agroforestry as a tool for food sovereignty, – specifically Alley-cropping with Inga trees. The trees are planted in rows 4 m apart, grow fast to shade out weeds in approx. 2 years, are then pruned at 1.5m; leaf litter left on the ground creates a growing medium. Pruning can be repeated yearly; crops (typically maize, beans cassava etc) inside the alleys produce 3 to 15 times the weight of those planted outside. Inga edulis is a legume (nitrogen fixing) tree from Western Amazon. We work so far in Cameroon (200 plus farmers), and Ecuador (103 sites, one training centre). Reduce hunger, improve soils, save rainforest, capture carbon, all in one! Funds go direct to partners in the field, our overheads around 2%.

YMCA Montrose

Joined SCVO as a Member on 27 May

Over the years the “YM” has served the people of Montrose and district in very many ways, most recently of course with the focus on fully inclusive youth work in accordance with modern practice. In earlier times, to take but one example, the organisation did much to support locally stationed forces during both world wars by providing both leisure facilities and catering (a reported 10,000 people served per week in winter 1944!). Sporting activities (e.g. football, golf, athletics table tennis and boxing) were strongly promoted for many years whilst reading and debating gradually gave way to drama and dance.In addition to our own programmes we have, for many years provided facilities for use by other clubs and groups serving the whole of the wider population, as MoHUB will continue to do in future. Montrose Community Hub (MoHUB) is a hub of activity, opportunity & community spirit.Our team deliver meaningful youth sessions in our community providing;As part of our work to assist in reducing the impact of the cost-of-living crisis and child food poverty, we asked our amazingly generous community to help fund our MoHUB Meals initiative. Thanks to those whose who heard our plea as we are now able to offer every child who attends our sessions a free hot snack - hot dog, chicken nuggets, toasties etc - which we hope will have a positive impact on our families.JuniorMulti activity session for our younger members. Access to our new gaming lounge, our multiden with pool table, arts and crafts, TV, tuck shop and PC gaming. There is also a dedicated quiet space with comfy seating, TV and sensory lighting. MoHUB staff are on hand at all times to join in games and lead craft sessions/seasonal projects. Our aim is to provide a safe environment for our members and help them become active members of our community.SeniorOpen session for our senior members. Access to our gaming lounge, multiden with pool table, TV, tuck shop and dedicated quiet space/movie room. We also have guest specialists in the fields of mental health and employability visit throughout the year. Our aim is to provide a safe environment for our senior members to interact and engage with different organisations in which to enhance their lives and further their education and careers. We encourage our senior members to be role models for our juniors and to be active members of the community.More than GamingDedicated gaming session within our new gamer lounge. Access to full range of console games, accessories, and in-house tournaments. Local and regional tournaments are a focus for future development to give our members a chance to represent their MoHUB in esports competitions! Our aim is to assist our members to learn skills in the gaming sector which is fast becoming a growth industry in the local area. These sessions also assist with team building, coordination, creativity, and strategy - all of which are invaluable life skills, taught in a manner which is relevant to their age.

Angus Rural Partnership

Joined SCVO as a Member on 24 May

Angus Rural Partnership (ARP) is a new organisation which builds on the positive legacy of the Angus LEADER Programme which ran from 2014 to 2020. When that programme ended, it was decided to form a new organisation in Angus to promote Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) which in turn supports vibrant, sustainable communities.ARP is registered with the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR) as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), charity number SC052069. It was registered as a charity in October 2022.ARP is a not-for-profit organisation and our annual budget is dependent on the Scottish Government's Rural Community-Led Local Development Fund. ARP is a grant-giving organisation which receives funding from the Scottish Government to distribute to local community groups for community-led projects. Our budget from Scottish Government for 2023/2024 was £269,977.05 (from the Rural Community-Led Local Development Fund). Of this, £264,825.99 was distributed across Angus and the remaining underspend is likely to go back to Scottish Government. (Our annual accounts are yet to be produced and sent to OSCR. These are due on 31 December 2024.)ARP has been formed to benefit the community of Angus and its environs with the specific aim of supporting community-led development and rural resilience.Our overarching Aims:- We will provide grants or other forms of assistance, financial or otherwise, to organisations/individuals that undertake activities, which further our vision.- We will promote knowledge transfer and sharing best practice in the delivery of sustainable rural development projects locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.- We will encourage effective partnership working.- We will offer networking opportunities (linking local community, statutory and private organisations) to engage in activities which will advance representative and participatory democracy.- We will advance rural economies by creating opportunities for local people to access local vocational skills, encourage business start-up and associated job creation and growth.- We will promote equality, diversity and inclusion.

Pennyland Primary Parent Council

Joined SCVO as a Member on 24 May

We support the parents, carers of children who attend Pennyland Primary School. We are parents/carers of children at the school. We ensure parents are getting information from the school and vice versa. Helping parents and carers communicate with their school. Accessing resources for families and children. We fundraise, hold events, liaise with external and internal groups to enhance our children’s wellbeing and school experience. Being in a rural environment we assist by providing things not available to the school otherwise.

Polmont Together

Joined SCVO as a Member on 24 May

We have a gardening sub group and our main umbrella group that does not for profit events

Safari (SCIO)

Joined SCVO as a Member on 23 May

The organisation's purposes are: To promote the advancement of Scottish heritage, culture and the arts; specifically the organisation shall undertake activities which develop storytelling, theatre arts, visual arts, dance, music and creative writing. To provide recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to encourage participants to take up pastimes that will be beneficial to their health and wellbeing whilst reducing social isolation. To support the advancement of education by offering opportunities for learning and skills development; opportunities will include inclusive horticultural activities with a shared creative focus.

East Lothian Young Carers Ltd

Joined SCVO as a Member on 22 May

East Lothian Young Carers is a local charity established in 2002 to provide support to Young Carers aged 0 to 24 living in East Lothian. The support and services we provide are shaped by what young carers tell us about their lives, the challenges they face and the support they need. We believe that young carers are children first and foremost and should be offered support to allow them to enjoy their childhood alongside their caring role. Our support is not time limited; we will support a young carer for as long as they need us. We provide information, support and breaks from caring to young carers and their families. Our young carers clubs give young carers a break from their caring role and the chance to have some fun and meet new friends. In addition to our young carers club activities we also run family activities where young carers can enjoy a short break with the person they care for and other family members. To ensure our activities are accessible to all we can provide transport to and from all our activities if needed and all activities are free.For young carers who would like some additional support, we offer one to one support with our young carers worker. During a one to one session a young carer can talk about anything that might be worrying them. Young carers are at the centre of the support we provide but we know that young carers are part of a family. We often work with young carers and their families over a period of time. The type of support we offer families depends on the needs of the individual family but might include; someone to talk to, help with accessing support for the person requiring care, help with money problems, help with housing problems, help with benefits or food bank deliveries.

Quality Radio Enterprise Ltd

Joined SCVO as a Member on 22 May

The company’s objects are: To encourage and advance active citizenship in all sections of the community through communication and engagement by operating an Ofcom licensed community station transmitting on the FM waveband and other platforms including DAB digital radio, and on the internet .To preserve and promote the physical well-being and mental health of residents and to provide health education in the communities of all areas that we broadcast; to preserve and promote the health and prevention of sickness for patients of hospitals, residents of care homes and sheltered housing complexes, and those living alone; making and presentation of radio programmes, to include issues and concerns to the community; promoting active volunteering and maximising the participation opportunities for marginalised and disadvantaged people. To advance education by providing training for all ages to promote skills of all kinds to assist obtaining employment or personal development. To promote, establish, operate and/or support other schemes and initiatives of a charitable nature to benefit the communities within the operating area covered by our Ofcom licences.To promote cultural diversity and community cohesion by providing access to minority and marginalised groups, thereby reflecting the interests and opinions contained within our local communities.