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Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations is the membership organisation for Scotland's charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises. Charity registered in Scotland SC003558. Registered office Mansfield Traquair Centre, 15 Mansfield Place, Edinburgh EH3 6BB.

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Welcome to all the organisations that have joined SCVO recently. You can find out more about them below:

Afrin Youth Project C.I.C.

Joined SCVO as a Member on 24 March

Company will give the community free access to a youth club benefitting from various art workshops and art classes, providing skills. Teaching chess and other education activities. Free tea and coffee and various prepared meals and Scottish themed.Bringing the local community together. Also, benefit from local art displayed in community centres, parks and public areas. We Reduce anti-social behaviour through participation in the youth club, spreading awareness through art skills and guidance to the youngsters in the hope that they provide a safer and brighter future for Scotland. We Bring various ethnic groups together, reducing racism and building a positive community atmosphere. Give Ethnic minority and low income family groups access to free art skills and education. Reducing unemployment and boosting the local economy. Home educated students also benefit from the social aspects as well as art skills and increased awareness of various societal issues.

Ardler Village Trust Company

Joined SCVO as a Member on 24 March

AVT is a registered charity seeking to combat poverty and encourage community participation

DO Grassroots Forum and Citizen Empowerment Foundation

Joined SCVO as a Member on 24 March

We inspire, empower & mobilize people to take action at the grassroots and institutional level to address the wicked problems affecting our world.

Generations Working Together

Joined SCVO as a Member on 24 March

Generations Working Together (GWT) was established as a SCIO in 2015 but has been in existence since 2007. We are the nationally recognised centre of excellence and membership organisation supporting the development and integration of intergenerational work across Scotland. Our mission is to develop, expand and improve intergenerational practice across Scotland. Our vision is to live in a Scotland where different generations are more connected, and everyone has the opportunity to build relationships that help to create a fairer society. We operate both locally and nationally providing training opportunities, resources, organising events and facilitating network opportunities to enable high quality intergenerational activity to take root and to flourish. We lead and deliver pilot projects to support and encourage the development and delivery of intergenerational practice in new settings. We expand and share knowledge and understanding of intergenerational practice and its impact, through direct participation in research projects and continued scanning of research happening across the world. We connect individuals and organisations who work across different generations building trust and respect which creates long lasting relationships. By intergenerational work we mean projects, activities or events where people of different generations who might not otherwise meet each other do things together in positive and creative ways. Intergenerational work includes any activities which purposefully ignore, remove or break down social, environmental, cultural or institutional barriers between the generations, Intergenerational work makes spaces for older and younger people to meet, get to know each other, share creative ideas and skills, learn new skill, work together to identify solutions for problems and challenges in their communities.

Green Aspirations Scotland

Joined SCVO as a Member on 24 March

Green Aspirations Scotland CIC is a woodland-based social enterprise with a mission to reconnect people with nature and inspire a love for the outdoors through woodlands. We were established in 2013 and, over the past decade, we’ve worked with different groups of people – community groups, corporate teams, young adults, school pupils, kids, and crafters – to develop traditional skills, create an appreciation of the woodlands, and encourage sustainable and healthy environments. We aim to support people to care for their environment and themselves, through: - Working with vulnerable groups to raise aspirations within the green sector, with a focus on young people who have struggled with traditional schooling- Enhancing and conserving woodland for biodiversity, the local community, and future generations- Delivering workshops in traditional and rural skills- Creating economic activity from local woodlands- Offering volunteer days for people to benefit from the exercise while conserving our woodland and learning new skills.

Grow 73

Joined SCVO as a Member on 24 March

A charity focusing on developing growing opportunities in Rutherglen and Cambuslang and at the same time developing our community through regeneration projects, events, establishing a green network. We are establishing a Community Garden in Overtoun Park in Rutherglen: a place where all generations can work and learn together to grow fruit, vegetables and plants. A place to meet new friends, to come together with the common purpose of making a positive impact on the environment and the local community by transforming an unused piece of land.

Royal British Legion Old Meldrum Branch

Joined SCVO as a Member on 24 March

Royal British Legion Scotland

Stanton Healthcare (East of Scotland)

Joined SCVO as a Member on 24 March

Stanton Healthcare provides pregnancy support to women in the east of Scotland

Viewfield Garden Collective SCIO

Joined SCVO as a Member on 24 March

A community garden offering therapeutic gardening sessions, varied workshops, and community lunches. We also offer our produce to the community for a donation.

B Healthy Together

Joined SCVO as a Member on 23 March

B healthy together is a community-led health project in South West Edinburgh. Our aim is to improve health and well-being within the communities of Broomhouse, Sighthill and Parkhead, three of the most disadvantaged areas of Edinburgh and Scotland. By providing a variety of social health activities we focus on how health is affected by everyday life and is as much about the quality of a person’s emotional and social situation as about their experience of disease or disability. We aim to increase confidence and skills, reduce social isolation and empower our community to take steps that positively impact on their health and wellbeing.Local people are central to the planning and delivery of all our services; we are rooted within our community. Using a community development approach, we work with the local community to identify current needs.

Deaf Scots Trust

Joined SCVO as a Member on 23 March

To provide support, provision and grants to deaf and deafblind people and groups in Scotland, in order to advance their education, health, well-being, mental health, arts, heritage and culture. We believe in a world where *deaf people can succeed. Our mission is to support the deaf community to do so by empowering the generations in front of us. We do that, by creating and providing necessary resources through grants. We believe in smart fund allocation, and we operate on a voluntary basis.

Homeless Project Scotland

Joined SCVO as a Member on 23 March

Homeless Project Scotland was established in October 2019 to provide hot meals, food packages, hygiene packs and practical to homeless and vulnerable families and individuals across Scotland. 100% of funding directly supports those deprived and marginalised in our communities. We receive no government or council funding. There are no salaried management or staff and volunteers do not receive expenses. The Project is dependent on the goodwill and commitment of volunteers. 1200 to 1500 meals are distributed daily. The cost of purchasing, preparing, cooking and distributing food is funded from donations and the goodwill and relationships forged with retail/ food outlets. Our function is to improve the immediate needs of families and individuals. However many present with needs in excess of a hot meal or food parcel. Our 24/7 volunteer caseworkers provide advice/support by liaising with relevant bodies regarding accommodation, welfare, safety and legal matters. Our expanded range of services results in us frequently being the first point of referral from many charities and statutory bodies. Many volunteers have experience of social, health and mental wellbeing issues and can relate and empathise with the circumstances others find themselves in. We support our volunteers by providing or facilitating training in areas of First Aid, Naloxone Training, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Food Hygiene and Health and Safety. Volunteering opportunities are promoted on our website and our aim is to be inclusive by highlighting that volunteering is recognised by the DWP as beneficial experience for those seeking employment; we encourage asylum seekers and refugees (in accordance with Home Office requirements). We have volunteers from the medical, legal and business communities. We actively engage with ex-offenders and those imposed with Community Payback Orders By involving a diverse group of volunteers we encourage a wider-range of skills and encourage positive integration into the community. Across the year, in excess of 550,000 hot meals have been cooked and distributed. With fuel poverty many cannot afford to cook meals let alone purchase ingredients. Our volunteers are praised and thanked for being life-savers not only by the people they serve but by many passers by. Our approach is to encourage and welcome. We aim to remove barriers and build a rapport with service users. We accept in good faith that everyone who attends is in need and do not ask personal details. Our core values are to support without judgement or discrimination. We take our services from the kitchen and street tables to the side streets actively looking for those in need but who exist in the shadows. Our bespoke food van, the first in Scotland of its kind, travels to outlying areas of deprivation to provide children and young people with hot food. Our daily soup kitchen, 24-hour Helpline, Street Teams, bespoke food van and nightly food bank are evidence of the need we meet and the success and commitment of Homeless Project Scotland. We highlight our services through Facebook, TikTok blog and PR material in health centres, community centres and homeless hostels.

Ardgowan Hospice

Joined SCVO as a Member on 22 March

Ardgowan Hospice is the local hospice for people living in Inverclyde, supporting a community of around 80,000 people.Each year we say hello and welcome to around 1,000 local patients and their families, offering them with a huge range of support from end of life care to supporting carers, and from helping children cope with grief to helping patients return to work after an illness.

YMCA Edinburgh

Joined SCVO as a Member on 22 March

YMCA Edinburgh works to empower young people, children, adults and families inLeith and across Edinburgh to transform their lives. We offer needs led,relationships focussed services to children, young people and families. Our work isfounded upon providing opportunities for meaningful connection, through threeinterconnected strands of work: Adult &Families, Mentoring and Youth & Play.

Beveridge Park Bowling Club

Joined SCVO as a Member on 21 March

We are a bowling club whose main aim is to promote the sport of lawn bowls. We also aim to be an asset to the local community and we currently have three other charities using our clubhouse on a monthly basis. We also host Disability Sports Fife Championships every year.

Dumfries and Galloway Advocacy Service

Joined SCVO as a Member on 21 March

We are an independent advocacy service and support adults, both one-to-one and collectively, to ensure their views are heard.

KK Connecting Communities (SCIO)

Joined SCVO as a Member on 21 March

Purposes 4 The SCIO will operate solely for charitable purposes and will benefit the general public without discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, age, sexual preference, race, ethnic origin, disability or other opinions, in the geographical location of Glasgow, primarily (but not limited to) the East end of Glasgow ("the Operating Area") The purposes are as follows. 4.1 The prevention and relief of poverty through the development of environmental, social and economic activity. The relief of need through the provision of available advice, services, facilities and other support mechanisms to persons who face disadvantage on account of personal background or life history, with the aim of improving the conditions of life either directly or by working with public and third sector organisations 4.2 To promote education, with particular reference to the provision of training in new skills, which will assist in finding paid employment, gaining new practical life skills and the provision of health education for the said residents. 4.3 The advancement of citizenship and community development by providing and organising community facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation available within the operating area, with a view to improving conditions of life. Also, to develop physical, mental and spiritual capacities and skills to enable inhabitants to achieve their full potential. The organisation shall also increase opportunities for community participation and active citizenship through volunteering with a view to encourage civic responsibility.

Love Music

Joined SCVO as a Member on 21 March

Love Music is a music inclusion and education charity which creates and produces adventurous participatory projects through which young people and communities can come together with musicians in a professional setting to take part in inspirational music making. We are committed to increasing high quality access to music for people of all ages and abilities and our work includes creating innovative and ambitious projects which support music making at all levels of experience and with the widest possible reach. We aim for our participants to experience an increase in their music skills, confidence, wellbeing and aspirations.

Antonine Court Limited

Joined SCVO as a Member on 20 March

Antonine Court is a day facility for adults with additional support needs. supporting those with additional and complex needs to lead a full life both within the day centre and the community. Currently open 6 days a week and looking to move to 7. also looking at a children's service in the evenings for children with additional support needs.

North East Rider Volunteers Scotland SCIO

Joined SCVO as a Member on 20 March

Free Medical Courier delivery services to the NHS and local Council and NHS partnership