Hi there, my name is Gerry and I work for SCVO, on TFN. My role is very varied – I design the magazine, along with any ads that need designing; I moderate the website, keeping us all safe from spam comments, phony events listings and the like; I produce the mailing lists; I manage the subscriptions… basically the one thing I am NOT is a writer so perhaps my job is best described as ‘Everything But The Words…’

So given that I am literally the only TFN staffer who is not a writer, who better to write a wee blog about TFN and how you can best engage with us? So… without further ado, let’s have a look at what TFN is, and how you can get the best out of it for you and your organisation…

What is TFN?

TFN was set up in around 1994 (although accounts vary…) as Third Force News. In those pre-internet days, it was mainly a newsletter – with classified ads, news on training courses, funding sources and the like, with a few relevant news stores as well. Over the years it became a full-scale weekly trade newspaper but as the website grew to include the same stories as the newspaper the need for a weekly print publication went down.

So in 2018, the print publication became a monthly magazine with none of the magazine content appearing on the website, so as to maintain exclusivity; meanwhile the website has expanded to its current wide-ranging news outlet for the voluntary sector in Scotland, with various email bulletins supporting it by letting subscribers know what is on the website and where to find it.

Make the most of TFN

TFN is the only media outlet dedicated to the Scottish voluntary sector. Some of you will already be receiving copies of TFN as part of your membership package, others may subscribe to the free weekly news bulletins TFN produces, or you might visit the TFN website on more of an ad-hoc basis.

Whatever your situation, we want to make sure that you are making the most of what TFN has to offer!

Print copies of the monthly mag

The content in the glossy monthly mag is exclusive – the features, opinions and analysis is not available online or anywhere else.

If you already receive copies of the monthly mag, are they going to the right places? We want to reach as many people as possible so an organisation’s copies don’t all have be addressed to the same office or person – let us know attfnsubscriptions@scvo.scotand we can change the recipients or addresses to maximise our reach and your satisfaction!

If you don’t currently receive monthly copies of TFN but would like to, give us a shout at tfnsubscriptions@scvo.scot – if you’re an SCVO member, you’re almost certainly entitled to free copies, or to copies at massive a 60% reduction on the standard subscription price.

Our website – thirdforcenews.org.uk

Our rolling news site is constantly updated with all the latest news from the voluntary sector in Scotland

You can just pop by to visit at thirdforcenews.org.uk –or better still, why not sign up for some of our weekly bulletins and have all the latest news delivered straight into your inbox – whether that be our twice-weekly general news roundup, or one of our weekly specialist bulletins.

Or you can follow us on Twitter and read and share the latest updates from the comfort of your phone!

Get involved!

  • Got a story to share? Get in touch with us at tfn@scvo.scot and tell us all about it, so we can tell everyone else about it! Don’t worry if you’re not sure whether its relevant or not – that’s what our crack team of journalists are for!
  • Why not advertise? Contact Alison Fraseror visit our website to find out about this effective and reasonably-priced method of reaching the sector.
  • Hosting an event? Our free events listings not only constantly update on the website, but link to a weekly events bulletin received by thousands of recipients per week. View the events near you or submit your events to the listings page!

Alternatively, sometimes a good old fashioned chat is the best way to get the conversation started; so, while I am not a writer – as has just been proven – I am DEFINITELY a chatterer, so feel free to give me a buzz on 0131-474-6176 and we can suss out the best way for you to engage with TFN.