Looking for a little (digital) inspiration?

One of the most famous inspirational quotes comes from the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu – The Journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.

We all need a little inspiration sometimes and that’s what the One Digital team has been generating with the 400+ participants from 265 third sector organisations who embarked on their digital champion journey with us earlier this year.

We’ve spent the last few months learning together about the different tools and techniques out there to get organisations and end users online, in turn tackling the significant basic digital skills gap within Scotland’s third sector and across the country.

To hear more about how we inspired participants to get more digital check out Maddie’s blog. Here’s a couple of participant quotes about being digitally inspired by their One Digital travels so far:

“A good opportunity to take time out to reflect, consider and explore how myself and my organisation can be better digitally minded and promote opportunities for service members to develop and build their skill.”

– Participant feedback from Making Digital Everyday

“I’ve learnt so much… gained lots of ideas of how I can incorporate digital to save me time… gained confidence in what I’m already doing so now looking forward to building on this.”

– Participant feedback from Making Digital Work

Now we’re ready to take the next step on the digital champion journey with our free One Digital meet ups.

Let’s meet up!

During August and September One Digital will be delivering a series of short, engaging sessions taking a closer look at many of the digital tools, platforms and learning approaches to help champions feel even more inspired to fulfil their digital ambitions.

From the best hooks to get learners online to what creative digital tools you can use to get them to go crafting crazy; from blue sky thinking with cloud based platforms to making your digital content sing (maybe even literally), our Meet Ups will inspire our One Digital network to get the most from what’s out there.

We’ll also have speakers to share their experiences and top tips including Digital Champions helping some of the hardest to reach in our society and organisations who have embraced digital and reaped the benefits. ‘Sharing is caring’ as they say.

How to get involved

We’re initially planning to have One Digital meet ups in the following locations across Scotland.

              showing that free One Digital meet ups will take place in Orkney, Aberdeen, Dundee, Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow,
              Renfrew and Stirling during August to September 2016.

We’ll be getting in touch with all One Digital participants shortly to share the who, what, where and when, and advise on how to register. Before that, we’re keen to hear participants’ views on what a One Digital meet up should include using this survey.

If you’re interested in our One Digital meet ups but didn’t manage to take part in our sessions earlier in the year then get in touch! We’d really like to hear from you and see how we can inspire you to start your Digital Champion journey, helping Scotland’s third sector and those they support to improve their Basic Digital Skills.As Lao Tzu also said ‘Great acts are made up of small deeds.’