Our new interactive data hub pulls together all the basic data on the third sector such as how many organisations there are, how many employees, what they do, and where they are. What’s new is that you can now filter data yourself to find out things like – how many people work in the third sector in Glasgow? How much money do third sector social care organisations bring in and spend every year?

To get the most out of the data hub you need to get active with your mouse and start clicking.

Explore the Contents

Go to the Contents on the 2nd page – clicking on a heading will take you to the relevant page.










Clicking into a local authority area in a map will filter other graphs and tables

Say you are interested in third sector income in the Highlands. First go to the income page.











Clicking on the Highland area on the map will then show you:

  • the total income for the Highlands (top left)
  • the organisations with a turnover greater than £1m in the Highlands (top right)
  • the breakdown of Highland charities’ income by subsector (bottom right)
  • the breakdowns of Highland charities by organisation size (bottom middle) – so for example you can see that the Highlands have fewer large charities than Scotland overall and the turnover of the large over £1m charities they do have is below the national average.
  • (tip: click on an area of sea to view full map again

Clicking on one graph will filter other graphs on the page.

For example, if you are interested in remote rural areas you can see that 15% of charities are based in remote areas. When you click on remote areas you can also see that charities in rural areas are far less likely to be based in the 40% least deprived areas, and are over-represented in the lower-middle deprivation categories – see below.










If you are interested in Workforce you can click on a subsector to find out more. The example below shows that over 10,000 people work in housing and supported accommodation, with a disproportionately large number employed in larger-sized charities, reflecting the important role of large housing associations and social care providers in this area:

Clicking on ‘drill down’ will let you see each sub-sector in more detail

For example, clicking on the drilldown button at the top right of the income area chart and then ‘Social Care’ will show you breakdowns by sub-categories such as ‘Services for people with disabilities’ and Services for older people.’













Likewise, clicking on the ‘drill down’ and ‘drill up’ options at the top left of charts and tables will show you more or less information:

Right clicking on a graph will bring up more options

‘Show data’ will show you the data in a table format.

‘See Records’ will show you the data sitting behind the graphs












Please spend a few minutes playing around with the data. It’s the first time we have presented the sector stats in this way, so we’re keen to hear what you think. And if there are any facts and figures you are looking for but can’t find in the data hub I’d be happy to try and help.

Contact ilse.mackinnon@scvo.scot with any questions or comments.