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This document records the agreement between the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) and (insert organisation name) who has been awarded a Community Capacity & Resilience grant of (£ inset amount) to deliver their project – (insert project name)

Community Capacity & Resilience Fund programme

The Community Capacity & Resilience Fund is financed by the Scottish Government and supported by SCVO, with an aim of increasing the capacity and resilience of communities and local third sector organisations, to provide people with the support and skills they need to mitigate the effects of welfare reform and poverty.

The funding further aims to have a preventative impact in communities, combating inequality and promoting social inclusion, and to assist and support work to mitigate the impact of welfare reform. The funding is also intended to support local organisations to work in partnership.

Programme Management

For projects under criteria 1-3 – Your project must start 1st December 2018 AT THE EARLIEST and must be completed by 30th September 2019 AT THE LATEST

For projects under criteria 4 – Your project must start 1st December 2018 AT THE EARLIEST and must be completed by 31st December 2019 AT THE LATEST

SCVO requires an interim report detailing your project’s progress and the date of this will be advised to you. A full report on the outcomes and impact of your project will be due approximately 1 month after your project end date.

You will be asked to support the sharing of learning from the projects supported by the Community Capacity & Resilience Fund. This will be in the provision of data and information reasonably requested for up to two years and the attendance at events.

Record Keeping

It is vitally important that complete records are kept for your project.

All payments by projects must be supported by a fully transparent audit trail including transaction lists traceable to bank statements. Receipted invoices vouching individual items of expenditure are ideal. Where this cannot be done, payments must be supported by accounting documents of equivalent probative value. For example, salaries must be supported by payroll records, BACS lists and bank statements. Where electronic media are used for procurement / ordering / purchasing, payment, banking (bank statements) print-offs or ‘screen shots’ should be retained. These financial records must be retained for 5 years following the end of your funded project. We appreciate that some organisations might have difficulty in archiving information for five years and where this is the case all relevant transactions, bank statements, petty cash, etc. can be forwarded to SCVO who will hold them for the required period.

You should also keep records that will allow you to report on the project in terms of project’s activities, beneficiaries, outputs, outcomes etc.

There is also a legal responsibility to comply with the provisions of Data Protection Laws and this applies to data sharing, transfer and retention.

You should process all required paperwork within agreed timescales, provide evidence as required by SCVO (outlined above) and retain appropriate documentation to meet compliance and audit requirements agreed between Scottish Government and SCVO.

Monitoring & Evaluation

A condition of Grant funding is that you participate in the monitoring and evaluation of the Community Capacity & Resilience Fund (CCRF).

All Grant recipients will be required to attend an event mid-March 2019 the purpose of which is to:

  • Get feedback on progress to date
  • Hear about the lessons learned to date – what has worked well/ what has been challenging
  • Provide the opportunity to learn from each other

A full report on the outcomes and impact of your funded activities will be due approximately 2 months after 31st August 2019. SCVO will advise you of the method of this final evaluation nearer the time.

You will be required to provide data and information related to the activities funded by the Community Capacity & Resilience Fund (CCRF) reasonably requested for up to two years from the end date of your project.

Change of Contact Details

In order to ensure that we have full and correct contact details for your project at all times, you must notify us of any changes immediately if there is any change or additional information for your project i.e. the main project contact, organisation name, address, telephone number or e-mail address.

Project Finance

In order to receive the grant, you will need to complete and submit the following:

  1. This contract, read in full and signed
  2. The bank details form
  3. The detail of spend forecast ( forecast should be in two parts – from project start date to 31st March 2019 AND from 1st April 2019 to project end date)
  4. Evidence of your organisations income. Evidence we will require is the final accounts for 2017-2018 if available. If these are not finalised, your final accounts for 2016-2017 with a statement declaring your income for 2017-2018 is required.

SCVO is committed to ensuring that the funding goes directly to support the activities outlined in the organisation’s application. The following transparent approach to funding will therefore exist:

  • This contract is based on the agreed costs you have provided, either as outlined in your application or as negotiated after this.
  • We may request further cost breakdown if required and reserve the right to allocate more money to activities if it is deemed necessary to ensure delivery of the project.
  • The Grant awarded to you must bedesignated clearly as restricted in your organisation’s accounts

On receipt of a signed copy of this contract, the bank details form, details of spend forecast and evidence of income we will arrange for your first payment, to cover costs for project activities up to 31st March 2019, to be released. A second payment will be released in April 2019 to cover costs for project activity from 1st April 2019 to the project end date.

Eligible/Ineligible Expenditure
The only expenditure which is eligible, is that for the project outlined within the application form. Where, through your project management systems, your anticipated costs for items/activities change, your planned activity requires to be amended or an under-spend is forecast this should be communicated to SCVO as soon as possible to enable us to discuss this with you. If you are in any doubt please call us in advance of incurring any expenditure

SCVO Responsibilities

  • Grant management and payments to the selected projects
  • Promotion of selected project work through our communications
  • Communication of all relevant developments / changes and paperwork requirements relating to the delivery of the programme to your project
  • Reserving the right to withdraw the funding if a selected project fails to comply with any element of this Contract, or alternatively ask for a full or partial reimbursement.
  • Reporting on a regular basis to the Scottish Government and producing a final report on the success of all projects funded through the Community Capacity & Resilience Fund

We confirm that the information we provided in our application to the Community & Capacity Resilience Fund is correct. We understand that provision of misleading or false information may lead to recovery of payments.

We agree to adhere to the partnership/contractual agreement outlined above and to deliver our project within the costs and timeframe as indicated. We understand that not adhering to requirements detailed in this contract may lead to recovery of payments.

* Please ensure you have read this contract completely before signing and you have the authority to sign on behalf of your organisation

Signed on behalf of the organisation receiving the grant

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Signed on behalf of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

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