Commenting on the Equalities and Human Rights Committee’s report, ‘Looking ahead to the Scottish Government’s Draft Budget 2020-21: Valuing the Third Sector’, Anna Fowlie, Chief Executive of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) said:

“SCVO strongly supports the recommendations in the Committee’s report – this recognition from cross-party MSPs that something needs to change is very welcome. Funders, particularly government and local government, must take a more collaborative and sustainable approach if we genuinely want a socially just Scotland with empowered communities.

“The Committee heard from a wide range of voluntary bodies emphasising cross-sector support for change at a local and national level, and the report findings chime with feedback we have been hearing for too long about the need for a more common sense approach to funding, that looks past traditional procurement-based models and process-driven grant funding.

“Funders, public sector bodies and voluntary organisations need to come together to create programmes of work that really make a difference for the communities they serve. SCVO is committed to improving the funding environment across Scotland and is keen to contribute to future work of the Committee on this topic.”