Following this week’s publication of the report ‘Towards a robust, resilient wellbeing economy for Scotland‘ from the independent Advisory Group on Economic Recovery – established in April 2020 by the Scottish Government to advise on Scotland’s economic recovery in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic – SCVO Chief Executive Anna Fowlie said:

“The advisory group’s recommendations are an important step forward in Scotland’s recovery from the pandemic. It is welcome that the report highlights the crucial role of the voluntary sector at the heart of planning for a renewed wellbeing economy for Scotland – the sector’s place in Scotland’s economic landscape cannot be an afterthought, as so often is the case.

“The collective response of the voluntary sector to the pandemic has been extraordinary, and I am pleased that the group has given this recognition. We particularly welcome the recommendation to protect the capacity and financial sustainability of our vital sector as we move out of this phase of the crisis, a call similar to that from the Equalities & Human Rights Committee before the pandemic struck. We must now find the solutions together.

“While the report is predominantly business-orientated, many of the recommendations have relevance to the voluntary sector which has a role in all aspects of Scottish society from tourism to the justice system. Scottish Government must ensure that the “Team Scotland” effort called for by the advisory group has the voluntary sector at its heart. SCVO’s submission to the group highlighted a range of specific areas in which the sector will have a crucial role to play, and we look forward to seeing that embedded in the implementation of the recommendations.

“As a member of the recently formed Advisory Board on Social Renewal, a coherent response to the many groups reporting in the coming weeks and months will be essential.”