The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) welcomes the opportunity to put forward proposals for the Scottish Government’s 2022/2023 Programme for Government.  

SCVO is dedicated to creating a fair and sustainable operating environment for Scotland’s voluntary organisations. A sustainable voluntary sector is also essential for the Scottish Government to progress towards the National Outcomes.  

Our proposals for the 2022/2023 Programme for Government cover three areas:  

  1. Multi-year funding  
  2. Fair Work  
  3. Voluntary sector infrastructure  

While each proposal is distinct, there is considerable overlap between the actions within each area. The attached paper covers all three areas to encourage Scottish Government Directorates to appreciate how interconnected these issues are. 

Scottish Government Directorates can support the social and economic contributions of Scotland’s voluntary sector by sharing relevant proposals with the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government team.  

Together we can create a sustainable sector that enables voluntary organisations to provide Fair Work and supports the services essential to Scotland’s post-covid recovery and resilience to the cost-of-living crisis.

To discuss further, please get in touch.

Read our full response to the Scottish Government here: