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The Evidence Library is a resource for anyone interested in the voluntary sector in Scotland. Managed by SCVO, the library signposts to research and evidence produced by, or on, the voluntary sector. For further information email:

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Young People in Scotland Survey 2022

Volunteer Scotland's fourth survey of young people investigating their engagement with volunteering, which is based on data from Ipsos’ omnibus survey of secondary school pupils across Scotland. Key findings: The results reveal a marked decline in volunteering participation… hits Read more

National Survey for Scotland's Museums & Galleries

The National Survey for Scotland’s Museums and Galleries was commissioned by Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) and conducted by DC Research in mid-2022, to gather essential information about the museums and galleries sector in Scotland. This was the first sector-wide survey of… hits Read more

Broader Reach and Stronger Voice: Reflecting on the inclusivity of the COVID-19 vaccine programme and collaboration with the third sector

In May 2022 VHS conducted a qualitative study asking our member organisations and wider network about the inclusivity of the COVID-19 vaccine programme and collaboration with the third sector. Having analysed the responses, we can now share our findings. The clear overwhelming… hits Read more

Supporting collaboration between the third and public sectors: evidence review

This report presents findings of research conducted by Scottish Government researchers to better understand current barriers to effective collaboration between third sector organisations and the public sector – particularly focusing on relationships between the third sector, loca… hits Read more

Rural Lives: Understanding Financial Hardship and Vulnerability in Rural Areas

Recent analysis shows that half of all rural residents in Britain fell into poverty at some time during 1991-2008, and the Financial Conduct Authority found in 2018 that more than half of rural residents exhibit financial vulnerability. This project investigates why and how p… hits Read more

A Torn Safety Net: How the cost of living crisis threatens its own last line of defence

UK report exploring the impact of rising costs/cost of living on communities and on faith groups. Key findings Squeezed personal finances and rising organisational overheads at a time when funders are also tightening their purse strings makes for a perfect storm for charit… hits Read more

Keeping the Doors Open: What do older people's community groups need to recover from the impact of Covid-19?

In June 2022, Age Scotland surveyed our community member groups to identify the main challenges they are facing and find out more about their experiences over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. Almost a quarter of Age Scotland community member groups completed the survey, w… hits Read more

The UK Civil Society Almanac 2022

The UK Almanac gives an overview of the voluntary sector’s scope and characteristics, including its finances, workforce, and volunteering. This year's Almanac draws on data from the 2019/20 financial year. This helps us to understand how prepared charities were going into the pa… hits Read more

The Scottish Third Sector Tracker — wave four infographic summary (Summer 2022)

This infographic summary presents the key findings from the fourth (Summer 2022) wave of the Scottish Third Sector Tracker. The findings from the latest wave show the impact of rising costs is becoming increasingly apparent, both for third sector organisations and the communit… hits Read more

The Scottish Third Sector Tracker — wave four data tables (Summer 2022)

These tables present the in-depth findings from the fourth wave of the Scottish Third Sector Tracker. The percentages are based on the weighted figure, not the raw totals. hits Read more