Cre8te ran FEMDA, the ‘Female Ethnic Minority Digital Academy’, in conjunction with the charity Saheliya.

They said: “We recruited for our first group of learners by holding assessments to make sure the class was the right thing for them. They started their training in January. The women have varying levels of English which has meant that we have had to develop our existing learning materials so that they were suitable for ESOL learners. We have also developed additional learning material to meet their needs.

The learners are very motivated, coming in early to get extra practice and not stopping for a break. We recruited 6 learners initially with a further 4 in the process of recruitment at the moment. 3 learners have now passed their Microsoft Basic Digital Literacy certificates and are now ready to continue at a different class to improve their Microsoft Word skills.

The project has a significant impact on the women we support, giving them the skills to enable them to search for & obtain work, access public & consumer services, pay bills, search for cost savings for utilities & goods, have social contact with others & even keep up with their children’s activities online.

Giving people the skills they are expected to have automatically by the welfare system, enables them to meet Jobcentre expectations & help avoid the possibility of sanctions which are having a major impact on people living in poverty.”