The 2021 Scottish Parliament elections are now less than a month away. For a politics enthusiast like myself, this is an exciting time. I realise, however, that wading through political news coverage isn’t for everyone. Often just a handful of policy areas are of interest and finding each parties stance on the issues that matter to you isn’t always easy.

This year there is the added challenge that how political candidates can engage with the public is limited by the coronavirus pandemic. Hustings are therefore more relevant than ever before and with so many organisations moving their hustings online, there is an abundance of opportunities to hear what action candidates from across the political spectrum would take on the issues that matter to you.

What is a hustings?

A hustings is a panel discussion in the run-up to an election. Hustings usually feature candidates from all major parties, are organised by local organisations in the area where the candidates are standing for election, or have a specific theme, such as health.

At the event, an impartial chair offers a brief introduction before candidates introduce themselves. The audience then have the opportunity to pose questions to political candidates and hear their responses at the time in the election cycle when political actors are most eager to engage with voters, listen to their concerns, and make commitments.

As such, hustings provide a unique opportunity to:

  • Share the issues that concern you
  • Learn a range of political candidates positions on these issues
  • And possibly, to get a commitment on record

Who can get involved?

Hustings are for everyone. If you don’t have a specific question but would like to learn more about where parties or candidates stand on a specific topic its worth signing-up. With an abundance of online hustings this year there are more opportunities then ever before to join events on the issues that matter to you.

As Scotland emerges from the pandemic, comes to terms with a post-Brexit reality and debates its constitutional future, SCVO have brought together leaders from Scotland’s five main political parties for you to question on how they will support Scotland’s voluntary sector.

If these are issues of interest to you we hope you will join us on 8 April for the SCVO National Hustings hosted by political commentator Brian Taylor.