The Connecting Scotland programme has done some great things in the last year, delivering amazing outcomes including:

  • 37,000 devices since the program launched to those most in need (That’s over 100 a day!)
  • More than 1,600 contracts issued to organisations delivering support across all 32 local authorities
  • Over 2,700 Digital Champions trained

The pandemic created unprecedented challenges and as a sector we rallied in a truly amazing way. As restrictions start to lift and we’re able to do more, we’re also recognising that our approach to Digital Participation can do more, too. Devices and Connectivity continue to be a priority, but there is also an opportunity to support people in a more holistic way and really make the most of the devices and skills we’ve all invested in.

With that in mind, Connecting Scotland is excited to announce Digital Champion Spotlights, a new campaign that looks at building the confidence of Digital Champions across Scotland. We’re holding nine spotlights (one every two months) that highlight the key impacts that Digital Participation has on those most digitally excluded.

It brings together resources, good practice and helpful tips and tricks for Digital Champions over themed weeks, so that we can support them with the tools they need.

During the spotlight months we’ll be engaging in conversation, discussion and asking Digital Champions to share their stories through our DC Slack Channel.

Our first Spotlight theme is Communicating and Connecting, exploring all the amazing ways that Connecting Scotland devices can and have helped people keep in touch with friends, families and loved ones. It's also allowed people to access support; either for the first time or sustained throughout the pandemic and we’ve seen devices being used empower people with accessibility requirements, health needs and more!

These devices do amazing things, and we want to share that with you.

To find out more and get involved, check outour Spotlight webpage.