The issue of a Scottish Governance Code for the third sector has been discussed in the past but has never got off the ground.

At Scotland’s Third Sector Governance Forum, that troubled us. We think the Scottish third sector could really benefit from its own Governance Code.

Good governance underpins successful organisations, and trustees are responsible for making sure an organisation works well to achieve its purpose.

There are over 250,000 trustees in Scotland, supporting everything from small community groups and voluntary organisations to charities of all shapes and sizes, and social enterprises.

How do these driven and dedicated people, giving their time and skills for free, know they are doing their best by the organisations they support?

There’s a host of governance information and support out there, but quality is varied and it is not always easy for trustees to find (or know) what they need.

Also, the regulatory framework and operating environment in Scotland are different. That means that, while general principles apply, governance codes for other regions (Northern Ireland, and England and Wales), are not suitable for the needs of Scottish organisations.

So we’re delighted to announce that, thanks to funding from the Scottish Government, the Scotland’s Third Sector Governance Forum is working with colleagues from across the third sector to develop a Scottish Governance Code.

Governance matters. It’s the mechanism for passionate trustees to be effective and support their organisations to make real and lasting impact. Here’s to developing a Scottish Governance Code that we can all aspire to.

Want to get involved? Come along to the consultation workshop we’re running at the Gathering at 10-11am, Wednesday 21 February 2018.

Book here now by entering your details and clicking to attend the event titles ‘Scottish Third Sector Governance Forum (Boisdale Suite 2)’