Last Tuesday we heard the First Minister sounding more hopeful than she had in quite a while. I clicked off the briefing expecting to be able to see and hug my family and friends.  

I live in Glasgow and it feels like that hope was a wee bit misplaced- we’re now significantly more restricted than we were last week- a level three island. 

Hopefully, this just a small bump in the road. The voluntary sector across Scotland is starting to plan for reopening some of the face to face activity that has been virtual or completely on hold for months.  

However it can be overwhelming to find the right piece of guidance. Three quarters of the organisations on our recent webinar about restarting face to face services didn’t feel ready or fully informed about the steps they need to take. If you’re in that boat this blog provides a summary of three main sources of support to help you develop plans: 

Scottish Government Guidance 

The Scottish Government website is being regularly updated, with detailed guidance for different sectors – useful links for voluntary sector organisations include:  

SCVO information 

Our recent webinar with SCDC, Public Health Scotland and Environmental Health provided a wealth of practical information to help people interpret the official guidance. Including questions on risk assessment, singing, community transport and calculating occupancy levels. You can watch back on YouTube if you couldn’t make it along.

Our Coronavirus Information Hub is also being regularly updated with key sections on:

Supporting Communities Safely Resource 

If you are looking for more in depth information this resource from produced by SCDC and Public Health Scotland has recently been updated with key new sections onventilationand safe physical distancing.

Hopefully these resources help your organisation to steer a clear course through the wealth of guidance that is now available, and the varying levels of restrictions across the country.