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The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations is the membership organisation for Scotland's charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises. Charity registered in Scotland SC003558. Registered office Mansfield Traquair Centre, 15 Mansfield Place, Edinburgh EH3 6BB.

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Response to Welfare Reform Committee Inquiry on Women and Welfare

wish to highlight to the Committee: SCVO’s own research brought to the fore the experience of women fleeing,Changing the Debate SCVO and the wider third sector have long argued that the debate about welfare must,As with our submission to the Health and Sport Committee on the Carers (Scotland) Bill, SCVO calls on,[iv] SCVO response – Health and Sport Committee call for evidence, Carers (Scotland) Bill.,[v] Scottish welfare policies in an international context, SCVO (2013) [vi] Carers Scotlandresponse

SCVO briefing: Scottish Government - Tackling inequalities debate

20th January 2015 The third sector in Scotland has long thought that ensuring the well-being of people,SCVO agrees wholeheartedly with the Committee’s conclusion that economic growth alone will not be sufficient,[ii] In our response to Scottish Labour’s Health Inequalities Policy Review SCVO stated that the key,References [i],can be found on the SCVO website:

Welfare Funds (Scotland) Bill, Stage 1 Debate

security provision in Scotland., [ii],/scvo-response-welfare-funds-scotland-bill-welfare-funds-scotland-bill/ [iii], [x],/scvo-response-welfare-funds-scotland-bill-welfare-funds-scotland-bill/ [xi]

The Social Security (Scotland) Bill, it’s not quite right

Like many colleagues across the sector, last week I finalised SCVO’s response to the Social Security,Committee on the Social Security (Scotland) Bill (hurray!).,SCVO, like others, view a rights based approach to social security as an opportunity to develop a system,In February, Jeane Freeman, Scotland’s social security minister, promised us a system that would go beyond,Click here to view our full response to the Social Security Committee.

SCVO Briefing: Scotland Bill 2nd Reading

As it stands, the Scotland Bill fails to recognise the sea change of opinion in Scotland and the wish,Scotland Bill - Specific points As evidenced in SCVO's response to the Smith Commission, it was clear,Parliament to develop a better approach to social security – one driven by the rights and principles,The Scotland Bill, as presented, is deeply flawed.,social change.

Compassion in social security – just a dream?

There are no guarantees that Scotland would create a more compassionate and caring benefits system says

Welfare Funds (Scotland) Act Regulations and Guidance consultation

The Fund might be regarded as a foundation stone of a Scottish Social Security system; as such it must,Award fulfilment We support Inclusion Scotland’s response to this question.,As we pointed out in previous consultation responses, this may actually cost more in the long run if,Conclusion This Fund is a foundation stone for a Scottish social security system.,As we prepare for new powers to be devolved via the Scotland Bill, we need more than rhetoric.

SCVO Response to Devolution Committee call for written evidence on the Scotland Bill

SCVO outlined in our previous response to the Committee remain.,Social Security and Employability SCVO and many others in the third sector have called for the full devolution,Additional social security concerns There does not appear to be a clause in the Bill that would enable,for new policy directions concerning social security, the Bill is, in effect, handing over administration,social security system.

Creating a Fairer Scotland: Employability Support - SCVO Response

Introduction As Scotland prepares for the devolution of social security and employment powers, the third,on the link across devolved budget areas as well as with reserved social security.,A partial approach to devolving employability and welfare in the current Scotland Bill which is fast,Indeed, as highlighted by Inclusion Scotland during evidence given to the Welfare Reform Committee, isolation,The Community Jobs Scotland programme which is led by SCVO and involves 585 third sector organisations

SCVO Briefing - Scottish Labour Employment Debate

Fairer and Healthier Scotland) are welcome responses to the challenges outlined in this motion.,Bill.,of social security delivery.,powers in relation to employment and social security must have a clear focus on women, their experiences,response to Devolution Committee Inquiry into Scotland Bill.