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Funding Scotland

Supporting Scotland's vibrant voluntary sector

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations is the membership organisation for Scotland's charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises. Charity registered in Scotland SC003558. Registered office Mansfield Traquair Centre, 15 Mansfield Place, Edinburgh EH3 6BB.

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SCVO Trustee Network

With that in mind, we've created a Trustee Network to provide support and guidance for members of boards,Sign up now: Good Governance Webinars Our regular Good Governance Webinars look at common issues and,The Scottish Governance Code for the Third Sector Good governance is vital to the success and sustainability,The Scottish Governance Code for the Third Sector sets out the five core principles of good governance,Network search.

Trustee's Week 2023

Support for trustees all year round SCVO provide support for trustees, including: Lots of information,SCVO Trustee Network which you can sign up to for information and news on relevant topics and free webinars,Good governance check-up How good is your organisation's governance?,Take the good governance check-up SCVO trustees' network in partnership with If you’re a trustee looking,for ongoing support then check out SCVO’s trustee network supported by Rathbones Investment Management

Trustees' Week 2021

How good is your organisation's governance?,Use our Good Governance tool now Events With the support of CCLA Investment Management SCVO is hosting,v=oMa7HYm1v0U 2 NOV – Digital Good Governance Checkup Launch This webinar will explore how SCVO's new,SCVO Trustee Network Trustee looking for further networking opportunities?,We’ve created a Trustee Network in partnership with abrdn to provide support and guidance for members

Recruitment & induction

It is considered good governance for a trustee to serve a maximum of nine years, but any turnover should,Network search.,promote trustee vacancies through their internal staff intranet and other networks.,Contact: Our Open Door Webinar No.7 looked at recruiting new trustees,Good governance needs well informed and active trustees.

Cost of living & the #RunningCostsCrisis

This included a call for support with energy costs that the UK government had provided to the sector,SCVO and the TSI Scotland Network have written to the Scottish Government multiple times to raise our,Good governance and difficult decision making Rethinking reserves Property options in a post-pandemic,world Charities & VAT Why trustees need to think differently about strategy and risk SCVO and NCVO webinar,Chartered Institute of Fundraising has collected guidance and information about generating income, good

SCVO Annual Review 2020-21

recognition and make sure that, as Scotland emerges into a period of recovery, the voluntary sector is in a good,Our digital team has hosted 40 free #DigiShift webinars and six Cyber Scotland Week events for hundreds,uncertainty and challenges of the pandemic we offered a series of interactive events that included webinars,, virtual panel discussions and online networking opportunities.,We also delivered five events in Trustees Week and launching a new Trustees Network sponsored by Aberdeen

SCVO Impact Report 2022/23

governance work Over the past year, we've been dedicated to providing best practice support on governance,allowing us to identify where the sector is succeeding, and where it needs to do better. 10 good governance,webinars 800+ subscribers to our trustee bulletin 161 Good Governance Checkups completed HR In December,lobbied the UK government to provide charities with access to the same support as businesses through,facing voluntary organisations with Scottish and UK governments, and lobbied for additional support

Why do trustees need to bother about cyber security?

I am sure that any trustee reading this will agree that their role is not for the faint hearted!,Governance webinar that the SCVO Trustee’s Network is hosting on Wednesday 3 February 2021 at 5pm.,As well as presenting sessions like the Good Governance one mentioned, my role is to work with ALL third,Four steps you can take now to protect your organisation against cyber risks in 2021: Join our Good Governance,me an email and we can have a supportive, non-techy chatLook at the NCSC’s Board Toolkit.

How to build strong board relationships - and how mediation can help if it goes wrong

But strong working relationships and teamwork are key to good governance, so in the next Good Governance,Webinar we will look at how board behaviour is key to your organisation’s success, and how trustees,Our Good Governance Webinar will feature May Millward from Scottish Mediation to outline ways to resolve,So come along to our Good Governance webinar on 3 March to find out how you can diffuse board tensions,It’s part of our new SCVO Trustee Network which we’ve launched to provide support and guidance for trustees

SCVO, good governance and leadership

To ensure good governance and provide effective leadership, trustees, both individually and collectively,The various stages in the life cycle of a trustee role were also suggested as ways to evidence good governance,you can use SCVO’s Good Governance Checkup.,And why not also join the SCVO Trustee Network to get information and news on relevant topics, and hear,from experts and share your own learning and experience at our Good Governance webinars.